Since 1992 “Camerata” is an official ensemble  of the Belarusian philharmonic society. We represent the country at Summits and the biggest government event with the participation of the President. Sine 2017 we’ve got the status of “Honored  group of the Belarus Republic”. Also our achievements list includes nominations at the most known international festivals, several studio albums recorded and recognition by mass audience with then unique style that the group work in.

The vocalists uses microphone singing  technique with the electronic post-processing of the voice.  That’s why the audience have an impression that they stand in front of a large symphony orchestra which is composed of the most exotic instruments.  Music critic even call us “Belarusian Manhattan Transfer’ who create unique “musical paintings” during stage performance.

The ensemble improved its staff many times. Today  you can see recognized Masters who work just from the beginning and also young musicians. Every person have a Higher musical education and his own thing which makes the group sound unique and individual.

Olga Vorobieva


Art-director of “Camerata”.  Group member almost from its foundation. She has spent her childhood in Minsk in a creative family of musicians. Never left her guitar in school, composed music for theatre plays and created opera. In Philharmonic society her classmates was sure that Olga will be a “guitar hero”. But her biggest love was vocal all the time. So after graduation she joined brand new “Camerata” ensemble. And now she is creating unique compositions for it for more then 30 years.

Alexander Dovnar


The virtuoso of improvisation with bright voice which seems to be specifically created for Slavic ethno-music. Author of many compositions. Member of the group from its foundation and the most charismatic Camerata person. For colleagues Sasha is “Perpetuum Mobile”. His creative energy makes everyone move forward for many years already. Its funny but you don’t think about him as a talent at a first sight. Because his business acumen is more is typical for manager not the talent. But the scene changes him radically.

Julia Korotkevich


Imitates the voices of wild African birds and other exotic fauna. Her biography is so unusual as her role on the scene.  She was born in the family of  military musicians, spent her childhood in Russia and Poland and finally stayed in Belarus. After graduating in Minsk she joined “Camerata”. Living in the Russian Northern region  have built her character and despite her cheerful disposition Julia is linchpin personality of the group. She keep everything under control and always  keeps a cool head even in  force majeure. Her favorite hobby after vocal is cooking, so her colleagues often hold degustation of her new culinary   masterpieces.

Galina Gordynets


Her “opera voice” brings bright academic accents to the trademark sound of the group.  She was born in the of  military musicians family. There was a art-cult in the family so she sang and played piano from the childhood. During holidays all the neighbors  visited home concerts: mother and sister sang folk songs, father accompanied by accordion. That’s the reason why there was now doubt in choosing the profession. After graduation Galya worked in Chamber choir. And when she joined “Camerata” she had to adopt her classical performing style to the crooner format. Its not an easy task but she reached it for 100%.

Phillip Smelov


Master of imitation of different musical instruments, talented beatboxer.  And the most active group member. Just on the 1s course of the University he organized own student ensemble, and since that time also act as a event entrepreneur. But only in “Camerata” he got a chance fully realize his potential as vocalist. Phil have his finger on the pulse of music industry. Thanx to him “Camerata” people are always aware of all the latest novelties and interesting music solutions. Its very important and helps to make the sound of the group modern and actual.

Edward Lange


His “thing” is soul, RnB and Middle East folk. His firs job as a vocalist he have got in Christian chore when he was a teenager. Since 2004 he became one of the soloist of worldwide known Choir of St. Elisabeth Convent (Belarus) and he still sings there. Later he was carried away by the Middle East music and event recorded a studio music album with his own interpretation of the songs of Ancient Byzantium. But his biggest love was always “black music”. He dreams that someday the group will perform on the same stage with the black soul and gospel divas.

Kira Smelova


Owner of the bright “crystal” voice, she can sings all difficult parties. One of the universal artists who can do everything. Before joining “Camerata” she acted as a professional dancer, played piano, conducted the choir and took part in the theatre plays. She is moved forward by the tireless curiosity,  willing for experiments and getting known something new. She tried working as a broadcaster, actress and even IT specialist. For colleagues and friends Kira is a generator of positive mood, funny jokes and catching laugh. Outside the scene of cause.