Why should you invite the vocal group «Camerata» for collaboration?
— A unique genre in which the band sings: a cappella world music based on the Belarusian neo-folk, combined with ethnic melodies from around the world in modern arrangements. We are the only ones in the world who perform in this style!

— 100% copyright songs written by members of the collective. These are not covers, not remixes and not potpourri. You just did not hear anything like that!

— We always have new songs that we can perform for the first time at your event. Absolute exclusive, not heard before!

— A new original sound, which creates a cappella collective on the stage. Many music. critics and journalists call our works «with nothing like sound canvases.» We do not copy anyone, nobody can repeat us!

— We always sing live, we improvise and give all the best — in another way we just do not know how. And it does not matter where the performance takes place: at the festival, at the club or at the corporate party. The audience will always see the creativity that is happening on stage!

— Our goal is to make the fans of Camerata by the end of the concert for all spectators. Think this is impossible? We will try to prove the opposite. And not one of the listeners will be bored even for a single second during our performance!

— «Camerata» is a cappella group. Vocalists can replace an entire orchestra without a single musical instrument. This is convenient for the organizers, and it makes an impression on the audience!

— We use the technique of microphone singing and electronic voice processing. And we can bring our equipment. But the technique never dominates the vocals, but only expands its possibilities. We keep the invoice of a clean, lively voice!

— We have an unplugged program with which we can perform without equipment, even without microphones. Only a live voice without tools and processing is a rare format for chamber elite events!

— For more than 30 years of the band’s existence, we have accumulated a vast experience of performing on stage. We always know how to convey the right mood to the audience, to create the right atmosphere. With us there are no force majeures and surprises!

— We are always open to creative experiments: to non-standard sites, unusual collaborations and any innovative solutions. Because creativity is our life!


Booking in the Republic of Belarus:

Alexander Dovnar

Velcom: +375296434129 (viber)